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Job Description

Senior Pastor
White Oak Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

  1. Understands and is willing to adhere to the rules outlined in “The Standards of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church”.

  2. An ordained minister with a Master of Divinity from a Reformed theological seminary.

  3. Has full-time ministerial experience in at least one location, preferably for at least ten years.

  4. Has proven to be faithful to God in his personal life and family life, exemplifying order, stability, self-discipline, and gentility.

  5. Possesses and provides strong leadership and demonstrates communications skills to be able to engage people of all ages.


Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Prayerfully oversees the preparation of worship and leads as minister of Word and Sacrament in public worship Sunday morning and evening; preaching is to be Gospel-centered, exegetical, and expositional.

  2. Teaches and disciples in the eternal truths of God’s Word, equips the saints as ambassadors to testify to our faith, do what is good, advance the Kingdom of God, and follow the Great Commission.

  3. Prays with and for the people, doing the work of an evangelist with a heart for missions.

  4. Watches his life and doctrine closely and will be an example of the Gospel.

  5. Visits church members, especially the sick; counsels the troubled and seeks out the wayward.

  6. Ensures that covenant children are catechized and prepared for communicant membership.

  7. Conducts pre-marital counseling, officiates at weddings and funerals.

  8. Exhorts church membership in the area of giving, stressing stewardship (time, talents and treasures) and promoting a general awareness of church finances.

  9. Shares the administrative responsibility of our church with the Session; participates fully as a member of Second Presbytery, supporting its meetings, duties, and ministry.

  10. Serves as Moderator of the Session, possesses a clear understanding of his authority and role in relation to the Session and the Diaconate; provides annual instruction for church officers.

  11. Works with the Session jointly in government, spiritual oversight, and the interests of the church; helps church leaders to develop spiritually as well as lead in development of vision and mission statements.

  12. Provides day to day oversight for White Oak’s Choir Director, Associate Pastor and Secretary; expected to mentor and develop the talents of each of these individuals. Maintains a regular church office schedule agreeable to the Session.

How to apply

We are open to applications as our Senior Pastor plans to retire in June 2024. To apply, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Cover letter: introduce yourself and your interest in the position

  • Résumé: include educational background and ministerial experience.

  • Links to recordings of sermons


We will aim to acknowledge your submission within 48 hours of receiving the e-mail.

Additional Resources
for Candidates

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