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“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” – Proverbs 22:1 (KJV)


Associate Reformed Prebyteian Denomination Loo

The Protestant Reformation transformed Europe in the 16th Century and continues to reach to the remotest parts of the world today. The Reformed understanding of Scripture, with an emphasis on purity in worship, God’s sovereignty, and His grace, was brought to Scotland by minister John Knox, who was introduced to the work of such men as John Calvin during his time on the continent. Though the Protestant Reformation took place in the 1500s, the centuries following still contained ripple effects and offshoot reformations in many countries. The Second Reformation of Scotland was one such period. In 1643, the Westminster Confession of Faith was drafted and signed. In the ensuing decades, political and religious upheaval transformed the landscape. Amidst this period of intermittent persecution and religious instability emerged the two main roots of the ARP. Our denomination’s name implies this infusion of two lines that came together: the Associates and the Reformed. Both trace their lineage to the Second Reformation of Scotland. They shared a common history in Scotland, diverged in their paths, and ultimately came together in America in 1782.

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